SEGA Central | Gamescom 2016 Vlog: Day 5

SEGA Central | Gamescom 2016 Vlog: Day 5

Join Dan & Elliot on their journey to Gamescom 2016. Each day they will be vlogging from the show floor - giving you unique behind the scenes access!

It's the last day of Gamescom & we are spreading the joy of SEGA by giving fans chances to win free SEGA games in return for a woo! 

Make sure to watch the vlog all the way through for a chance to get a free SEGA game & the chance to win a Dawn of War 3 hoodie - the very same ones that were being given out to the first in line each morning! 

Gamescom 2016 has been an amazing show - thanks for watching our vlogs - you're all awesome! 

Remember a true fan waits till the end... 

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