Crazy Taxi Tycoon Notice



After five years of fruitful collaboration, SEGA and Demiurge have decided to take different paths. In a common agreement, Demiurge is to assume full ownership of their studio. Regrettably, that means that we will have to discontinue Crazy Taxi Tycoon.


Consequently, here is the timeline for Crazy Taxi Tycoon.


April 16:

- In-app purchases will be deactivated


May 21:

- Servers will be deactivated, and the game will no longer be updated, though players who have the game installed on their device should be able to keep playing offline for the foreseeable future.


We wish Demiurge all the best in their upcoming adventures. Working with such a talented team has been an amazing journey.


We also want to thank the amazing community that has supported Crazy Taxi Tycoon.


On behalf of Demiurge and SEGA: THANK YOU!



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