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#FanArtFriday: Check out this awesome Dark Eldar #DawnOfWar art by Beckjann! Find more at #art #fanart #warhammer40k #darkeldar #nofilter
Sonic Runners
No one at Relic wanted to be the one who brought fast food to the Naturopathy Lunch & Learn! #saladforall #RelicPowerUp
Yakuza 5 Developer Interview: Welcome to the World of Yakuza 5 (1/3)
There's no sitting on the job at Relic! #justkidding #lotsofpeoplesit
#ThrowbackThursday to when Relic hopped aboard the Xbox 360 face plate train. Who has this extremely useful, extremely limited collectors item ;)? #tbt
Relicans focused and fighting for honor in our #magicthegathering Tournament
Thanks to the folks from #Spud for joining in on Relic's Health & Wellness month with a juicing demo! #RelicPowerUp
#ThrowbackThursday to this piece of concept art for the original Company of Heroes from 2004!
Relicans drafting cards for their decks in our upcoming #MagicTheGathering tournament!
SEGA 3D Classics - 3D Thunder Blade
Warhammer fans, good news! The Space Marine Collection is on sale for 75% off on Steam, and has been updated to include Steam Trading cards! Collect cards, earn badges, and do it all FOR THE EMPEROR! You can also check out the updated site at
Getting ready for 30 Relicans to prove who's fastest game dev in Vancouver at the #vansunrun this weekend!
SEGA 3D Classics - 3D Fantasy Zone II is Available Today!
Total War: ATTILA – Celts Culture Pack – Official Trailer
SEGA 3D Classics - 3D Out Run is Available Today!
Tembo The Badass Elephant
15 Years of Total War
SEGA 3D Classics - 3D Fantasy Zone - Now Available!
Make War, Not Love - The Battle between Creative Assembly & Relic Entertainment
Total War: ATTILA - Ashen Horse Trailer
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Announcement Trailer
Pre-Order Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies -
New armies, new units and new battle experience come to Company of Heroes 2: Western Front Armies in June!
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